New York rising addresses Schoharie drainage


By David Avitabile

The drainage problems in the south end of the Village of Schoharie should be lessened by an upcoming drainage project.
The project, to be funded by New York Rising, is still in the beginning stages, according to Mayor John Borst. The engineering portion has begun and the construction phase should start next summer.
The cost of the project is estimated at $1 million, Mayor Borst said.
"The south-end drainage has been an issue forever," Mayor Borst noted.
Plans call for drainage lines to go from the east side of Main Street, through two FEMA properties on Sunset Drive and fields owned by Guernsey's Nurseries, to the Creek.
Catch basins will also be added to reduce the water in the area, the Mayor added.
A kick-off meeting was held last week with about 20 residents in attendance.
The residents, the Mayor noted, had some good suggestions that may be included to enhance the project.
The paperwork is extensive, and officials are still in the process of finalizing the details of the project, Mayor Borst added.
Letters have been sent to property owners and soon field work will begin to define the watershed that comes off Ward Lane.
The project will not cut down on flooding from the creek but should limit the problems from frequent heavy rains that cause problems in the area, the Mayor noted.
Retention ponds will be built and easements will be needed from several land owners, according to Mayor Borst. One parcel may need to be purchased for a sedimentation pond.
In the end, the project should lessen the ponding problems in the area that lead to mosquito issues.
"It's going to make a big difference and it's going to mitigate the standing water we have there," Mayor Borst said.
The water problem on the east side of Main Street should be further lessened by a ditch and catch basins. Homes on that side of the road also get water in the basement.
The project is being administered by the Soil and Water Conservation District, Mayor Borst noted.