Cobleskill works out route for Constitution


By Patsy Nicosia

Instead of coming down Greenbush Hill Road, construction crews for the Constitution Pipeline have agreed on an alternate route through Cobleskill, Supervisor Leo McAllister said Monday.
The project has yet to receive final approvals, but assuming that happens, Mr. McAllister said, three miles of the 140-mile-plus route will run through Cobleskill near Tower and Greenbush Hill Roads.
Mr. McAllister and Highway Superintendent Mike Persons met with Constitution reps about a month ago and Mr. Persons said he expressed some concerns about construction crews coming down Greenbush Hill Road to Mineral Springs Road.
"It's awfully steep and there's a bad intersection at the bottom," he said Monday.
Mr. Persons said Constitution "took what I said to heart" and agreed they won't take heavy construction equipment down the hill.
Instead, he said they'll use Warnerville Hill and West Fulton Roads to access Greenbush Road.
Greenbush Hill could see use by pickup trucks, however.
Mr. Persons said any town roads traveled by Constitution will be reviewed and videotaped both before and after pipeline construction with the company making any necessary repairs.
Mr. McAllister said they're only expected to be in Cobleskill for about two weeks.
Tentative plans, he said, are for them to start in Afton in the spring and work their way east.
"They've been very good to work with," he said. "But having said that, nothing has been signed yet," referring to final approval for the project.