This year, the Star field was especially bright


Donna LaVigne may be our 2015 Times-Journal Star, but she's surrounded by a whole constellation of other bright lights.
This year's other nominees and the reasons why follow.
--Jan Peters, for her work with SCHOOL.
--The Schmid children-Khristich, Josiah, Niamh, Zebulun, and Jubilee-for never allowing their limitations to drag them down.
"They love their community and have deeply invested themselves in it at a very young age..."
--Mary-Jane Bianchine, organist/pianist, "...a kind and generous person [who] glows with joy for her music and the community she serves."
--Glenn Sanders, for his tireless work on the gas pipeline issue.
--Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail Committee, represented by Sharon Aitchison, Ginny Schaum, Betty Pilsbury and Linn Quinn, for taking "this project from idea to resounding popular reality.
"To date, there are well over 50 quilt squares hanging and an unknown number more...being painted or evaluated..."
--Sarah Jones, for creating "Sarah's Snugglies," a group that accepts and makes crocheted hats for those in need.
--Dawn Fiorillo, who "works very hard [at town justice] to keep our community safe and sound."
--Scott Kelley, for being "very helpful, a good friend, and always there to help anyone at any time."
--All of Schoharie County's volunteers.
--Brian Swanhall, who leads by example, "never asking for a pat on the back. He always makes it about the students and never about himself."
--Tim and Tracy Purcell, whose "willingness to partner up with organizations to enhance the quality of life in this community is noteworthy and exceptional."
--David Houck, for his role in leading "the contingent of former Dorloo and Hyndsville church they search for and determine their future..."
--Linda Karker, for her efforts to give to kids in need.
George and Debbie Yoder, for "consistently, and sometimes persistently, [proving] to be intelligent, hard-working, involved citizens."
--Dottie Pickett, for working so hard to share the news of southern Schoharie County through her writing.
"Let's hope she never retires."
--Bruce Tryon, for his countless hours heading up the C-RCS school board and being "always ready to help out the school district and the county in any way possible."
--Jim Poole, for the great and dedicated job he has done over the years. "He has always been fair and balanced in the news he has reported."
--Wes Laraway and Kelly Martin, for as wildlife rehabilitators.
--Effie Bennett-Powe, for touching the lives of countless students, a lifelong dedication to early childhood education, and her willingness to share her memories of overcoming years of racism and prejudice.
--Marge Becker, for always looking for ways to make Middleburgh great.
--Trista Bradt, for spreading kindness through her Kindness Crew and her Toasty Toes Pajama Project.
--Larry Markley, for his work with kids in Li'l Dawgs.
--Jack Hill and United Methodist Committee on Relief, for their work to being back families, businesses, and a tax base for Schoharie County after the flood.
--Lisa Cardilli, for her work with Literacy Volunteers, greatly expanding the program in the last decade with less funding and less staff.
--Bill Morton, the driving force behind Middleburgh's murals and wildflower beautification program.
--Sharon Virgilio, for her endless work with community clubs and events.