C-R suspends longtime guidance coordinator


By Jim Poole

Allison Atkins, Cobleskill-Richmondville's coordinator of guidance, has been suspended from her position.
Because of a confidentiality agreement, school officials couldn't release details of Ms. Atkins' offense or what incident led to the suspension.
Ms. Atkins was coordinator of guidance since 1998. She was tenured.
School board members approved the suspension in a special meeting Monday morning, and the suspension began immediately.
"The laws and regulations that govern the operation of our schools generally prohibit the disclosure of information pertaining to the discipline of employees," Superintendent Carl Mummenthey said in an email.
"That said, I am confident that the Board of Education levied discipline that was fair to the individual and responsible to the district and our students."
Mr. Mummenthey added that the incident did not harm a student.
Ms. Atkins will receive no pay during the seven-month suspension, although she can buy her health insurance through the district.
The incident occurred in June 2014, according to Mr. Mummenthey.
Ms. Atkins was removed from her position as coordinator of guidance and assigned to C-R's Student Temporary Education Program in September 2014.
Ms. Atkins held her STEP appointment until the suspension began Monday.
Her suspension comes from an agreement between Ms. Atkins and her attorney, C-R officials and the state Education Department.
The agreement also stipulates that Ms. Atkins can return to the C-R staff on September 1.