Bottle, can deposits raise $5,770 for SSCS Music Department


By Patsy Nicosia

Bottle by bottle, can by can, nickel deposit donations at the Town of Sharon's transfer station are paying off big time for the Sharon Springs Central School Music Department.
SSCS Music Department booster Karen Cookson told school board members Monday that since transfer station attendant Carl Walther began accepting donated returnables for SSCS in 2002, he's redeemed them for a couple of good-sized checks.
The check Mr. Walter gave her a couple of weeks ago, she said, was more than good-sized; it was for $5,771.
"Carl feels very grateful for what the Music Department meant to his son when he was a student here," Ms. Cookson explained. "This is his way of giving back."
Transfer station patrons have the option of donating nickel deposit bottles and cans when they drop off their garbage.
Ms. Cookson said Mr. Walther then sorts and cashes them in and has been setting aside the proceeds for a while.
"It's a lot of work," she said, "but look at how it's added up."
Ms. Cookson said she's spoken with Sylvia and Ron Letterson, SSCS's Music Department, and the money will be used to establish a fund to help buy instruments for students who can't afford them on their own.
It will also go toward Music Department "extras" like trips that aren't included in the school budget.
"Carl shuns attention, but he really deserves a big thank you," Ms. Cookson said, and school board members agreed; they'll recognize his contributions at an upcoming awards ceremony.
"I'll drag him there kicking and screaming if I have to," Ms. Cookson joked.