Robinson-Broadhurst awards $2.4 million


On May 17, the Robinson-Broadhurst Foundation, Inc. held its annual meeting in Stamford.
The total funding for the three communities the Foundation serves - Stamford, Worcester, and Winchendon, Massachusetts was $2,370,531.02.
This year's Worcester area grant recipients are as follows:
•First Presbyterian Church - Back Pack program;
•First Presbyterian Church - food pantry, trailer and food;
•Second Baptist Church- stain glass window restoration;
•The Storehouse, Inc. -improvement to property;
•Town of Worcester-pool repair and American flags;
•Town of Worcester-Maple Grove cemetery- road resurfacing;
•East Worcester Fire District-new roof;
•The Wieting Memorial-building improvements;
•Worcester Baseball Organization-batting cage;
•Worcester Central School-instruments;
•Worcester Central School- arts in ed;
•Worcester Free Library-fund drive matching funds;
•Worcester Historical Society-4 concerts;
•Worcester Sports Booster Club-equipment purchase.
This year's Stamford area grant recipients are as follows:
•Catskill Area Hospice;
•Catskill Revitalization Corp., Inc.;
•Family Planning of South Central New York;
•Friends of Music of Stamford;
•Hanford Mills Museum;
•Harpersfield Historical Society;
•Headwaters Soccer Club;
•Roxbury Arts Group;
•Sacred Heart Parish-food pantry;
•Sacred Heart Parish-parking lot;
•SGC Junior Golf;
•SCS-District grants;
•SCS-Community grants;
•Stamford Children's Activity Center-Kiddie Kicks;
•Stamford Children's Activity Center;
•Stamford Christmas Feeling Fund;
•Stamford Fire Department;
•Robinson Terrace;
•Robinson Terrace Senior Living;
•Stamford Village Improvement Assoc. - ice rink;
•Stamford Village Improvement Assoc.- flower barrels;
•Stamford Village Improvement Assoc.- signs;
•Stamford Village Library;
•Town of Harpersfield;
•Town of Stamford;
•Town of Stamford Cemetery;
•Village of Stamford-pool operations;
•Village of Stamford-water bond;
•Village of Stamford-oil and stone;
•Village of Stamford-comprehensive plan;
•Village of Stamford-Bobcat;
•Village of Stamford-LED lights;
•West Kortright Center.